The Digital
Business Card

Changing The Way People Connect


Share Info Instantly

The Instacard makes it easy to share your contact info, your social media and all relevant sites easily by text.

Social Media Integration

This is as good as it gets! Finally, all your online and social links are in one place, easy to access, easy to share.

The instacard
“changed my life”

Ryan Serhant from Bravo’s TV SHow Million Dollar Listing

Main Features

  • No Download Needed
  • Social Media Integration
  • Instantly Add to Contacts
  • Share Contact Info Easily
  • Get Customer Reviews
  • Display Your Reviews Automatically
  • Click to Call and Text


Instacard is your central hub where all your online and social media profiles are stored. Your most recent photos, bio, contact information and reviews are also displayed to summarize who you actually are, in the digital world. With a simple tap on your phone; you can choose to share your information by SMS or by Email.


Send your Instacard to anyone, by just having them tap add to contacts on their phone. Sit back and watch as all your contact information, links, address, phone and photos get seamlessly and instantly saved into their phone.


The Instacard easily integrates your custom logo, brand colors and profile image. Once viewed by your prospects, the impact of your branding is instant and, long-lasting.

ALL YOUR SOCIAL Links in One Place

This is as good as it gets! Finally, all your online and social links are in one place. Easy to access, and even easier to share. Instacard will be your new favorite tool for your personal branding, and you’ll finally be in full control of your online presence!


Instacard automatically links to your central place of getting reviews like Zillow, Google Business or Yelp. Anybody accessing your reviews through the digital business card will have access to your most recent and, preferred platforms where they can read through them all!


Instacard offers a place where people can easily choose the portal where they would like write their reviews for you. Easy access and no effort required to access the “review me” functionality for each profile. They will easily be prompted with the form where they can write a review for you quickly and efficiently.


When you open the Instacard on a mobile device it functions perfectly as a Digital Business Card and when you open it on a desktop it is a full screen desktop responsive website. Many of our clients love how this works on desktop and some even get a domain name and make it their primary website.