How It Works

Why your Digital Identity is Important.

Lets face it. People judge you all the time. They judge you by the car you are driving, the clothes you are wearing, the way your business card looks and feels, and the way you act or speak. Today buyers and homeowners are judging you by the quality and strength of your digital identity.

Think about it. What happens when they google your name? Firstly, do you show up? And how do you show up? Like it or not, in those few seconds of searching, they are deciding whether or not to work with you before you have a chance to speak to them. The fact is, you won’t know why they didn’t contact you.



Do you have a strong digital identity?
What impression do your online profiles give?
Are you on all the real estate marketing sites?
Are you on all the major social media platforms?
Do you have consistent branding everywhere online?
Do you have reviews and are they good reviews?
Do you have listings and sales?
How is your name represented online?


Today, people develop trust from what they read and see on the internet. They may not meet you or may not even want to solely based on your online presence and your profiles. Your digital identity is always being checked and evaluated for real estate buying or selling opportunities.

When is the last time you checked your digital identity? How do you show up?

It doesn’t hurt to check your grade.

Real Grader has developed a new technology to build, manage and measure your digital identity. We are the creators of stress free technology that expand your digital footprint while you cultivate the business of real estate.

Real Grader puts you in control of the facts about you and of your real estate business online. First, we analyze the digital identity real estate professionals across all relevant marketing sites and social media platforms. Next,our proprietary reporting tool reveals the strengths and weaknesses showing you all the areas where your online presence is not favorable or missing.

Now with Real Grader you can do something about it and raise your Real Estate digital identity.

Our technology ranks your digital identity strength on sites including,,, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Yelp, your office website, your personal website, and many major sites. Then we offer services to have your online identity be fixed and taken care of for you. We offer a free report to get your grade and then we offer premium subscription models based on the level of service you need.

How Real Grader Works for You

The Real Grader knowledge engine empowers each real estate agent with ongoing awareness and engagement reports that enable them to manage their digital identity from a single place.